Why I put so much time and energy into my hobby digital content creation


Hey, you already have a great job in the IT area! Why do you put so much time and energy into your hobby creation of free, digital content?

I was asked this question when, after 18 months of planning and brooding, I decided to do this and told someone about it for the first time. But that can be answered quickly and easily …

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From playing around to creating digital content

In addition to my minimalism, which is very pronounced in “normal things,” I have always been buying or renting too many gadgets privately. I look for them, make myself smart about them and get to know them. Then I usually tell others about it enthusiastically, and they always ask me: “Are you now advertising for …?”. I also show them how to deal with it and help where I can.

Today I am very much convinced of Google’s innovations, including Chrome OS, and now I want to pass this enthusiasm on to many people in a greater way.

The challenge

I am always looking for new challenges, both privately and professionally. And this plan is a big challenge! But I think that only if you break out of your comfort zone, then can you develop personally. One aspect of this is the fact that I’ve been told over and over my whole life: “Don’t always write so much,” “Keep it short,” and “that’s not a doctoral thesis!

I would now like to take up the challenge of opening the valve, which is always under pressure, with many ideas and pouring the content, for example, into the form of blogs, e-books, videos and courses, etc.

Doing business

All of this is something other than being an employee. Actually, entirely responsible for taking everything in hand and building it up step by step. That excites me a lot! Even if this is, of course, only a hobby and not a company.

The all around

Setting up WordPress and domains, creating designs, editing images, optimizing spelling, grammar, and search results, using tools on Chrome OS … How do you get active while traveling? There is a lot to learn.

How do you start? Where are the traps? I want to learn all this, and you can participate e.g., in this blog!

The economic aspect

I am currently not pursuing any profit intentions, so of course, I can take the whole thing more easily. On the other hand, some of the devices, tools, platforms, licenses, etc. used by me cost a whole lot of money! Of course, you would like to get something back, e.g., in the form of clicks and a few thanks from the community.

With everything you do, you naturally think: Is this also in this sense? Does it help the reader, that is, you? It’s inspiring! Furthermore, you have a professional claim, of course! So let’s see how that develops. 🙂

A concept to still have something to do in retirement?

Yeah, you can think about that earlier in life. For me, working and achieving something, there is a significant drive in my life. I cannot imagine life as a pensioner without the missing work component and something that helps people.

In other words: build up a whole flood of content on several channels over decades. Hopefully, then being able to continue this as pensioners in or outside Germany. That would be something!


These are many big goals and plans: let’s do it! 🙂

  • Do you see it that way?
  • Do you have a similar hobby and also like to travel?
  • Do you even have your startup in this area?
  • What experience did you gain?
  • What are your plans?

Gladly in the comments with it! 😉

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Hey! 😀 I started this blog in 2018. Fitting to the blog, I want to describe myself as a true “Google Sheep,” incredibly addicted to travel and open-minded. I like traveling the world and creating digital content on Chrome OS, travel, and mobile work.

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