The blog is now called creative with Chrome!

What happened?

The old logo
The old logo

Previously, the blog was called “chrome your startup,” and the URL “” In March 2023, I shortly and incisively renamed the blog to “creative with Chrome” and “”

The old URL will still point to the same page for quite a while. I informed Google Search about the address change so that the previous search results can still be found quickly.

I want to avoid going into the original idea behind the last name here, but I will now directly describe the concept behind the new name.

The new name

Still, this is “Your guide to digital content creation with ChromeOS.” I also adjusted this slogan to put the startup reference in the background. Previously, the slogan was “Your Guide to ChromeOS as the Basis for Digital Content Creation in your startup.”

The new logo

As a fan of ChromeOS, here’s how I want to add value for private and independent people:

  • Blogs [EN, GER]
  • Videos on YouTube [GER]
  • E-books [GER]
  • Courses on Udemy [GER]
  • Possibly t-shirt and sticker designs as merchandising [GER]

In this blog, I’ll continue to cover how this can go about in various ways on ChromeOS.

I hope to get you excited about creating digital content with Google’s ChromeOS and make your life easier when using it.

If you want to read more about what I’m up to with the blog, you can find that in “About the blog.”

The new name “creative with Chrome” is meant to reflect this.

How do you like the new name? I will continue to change the logo over time, but the premise is: keep it simple!

Do you already have questions or topic requests on your tongue? Then feel free to leave a comment below. 😉

See you until the next blog post. 🙂


05/01/2023: Integrated a new version of the logo.

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