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I create free digital content in my free time. The creation of digital content and promoting it in the form of online marketing is one of my favorite hobbies besides traveling.

I have a very professional claim, which corresponds to the work of a startup in the form of a solopreneur. The main difference to a startup for me is, of course, the lack of a profit intention.

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Open questions at the beginning

Of course, some open questions arise at the beginning, which have to be answered and then successfully implement the resulting plans.

These questions are e.g. as follows:

  • Where to start?
  • What has happened so far?
  • What is planned next?


Here is a list of activities that I will cover in other posts:

  • Use and evaluate Chrome OS for a long time. | check
  • Find out how to do everyday things with Chrome OS. | check
  • Information about online marketing, founding startups and starting a part-time self-employment in the form of Udemy courses, YouTube videos, books, audiobooks and blog posts check
  • Attending conferences such as the Solopreneur Day and the contra in Germany. | check
  • Find your biorhythm to be able to handle such a time-consuming hobby as an employee. | check
  • Convert a room of the apartment that you don’t often use in an office and video studio. | check
  • Buying and renting gear, setup, equipment for the creation of YouTube videos, vlogs, Udemy courses, photos and e-books. Everything as a remote worker in the digital office (home office) or as a digital slowmad light when traveling. |check
  • Selecting software tools and platforms for creating digital content and operating an imaginary startup. | check
  • Starting by creating a first e-book with Google Docs as a common thread for switching to Chrome OS. I will present its content in a simple form on all my channels. (Basic structure)
  • Starting by creating the first public content in the form of posts on new blogs. Among other things, present my experiences on these first steps in this blog and give further tips.

It is crucial to create the first videos after the establishment of thriving blogs. I also have a very professional claim there, although, of course, I will only reach a few people with the first videos. I will keep you up to date about my activities using WeVideo as an example. Online video editing? What? Yes, more on that soon!

I present this and the above points to you in the blog.


In addition, the following things are planned:

  • Visiting Dirk Kreuter’s Vertriebsoffensive (sales offensive) in Germany. | check
  • Visiting co-working spaces for digital nomads worldwide to interview people about experiences with Chrome OS and that.
  • Gaining experience on the subject of “Chrome OS while traveling”? Airplane, hotel, mobile internet, WiFi in the cafΓ©, completely offline … | check
  • It would be a dream to be able to interview well-known bloggers and YouTubers about their opinions about Chrome OS – who knows what the future holds! πŸ™‚

Questions, ideas and suggestions are welcome in the comments!


Update October 1, 2019

An important finding: writing my first e-book takes longer than expected. It is not a problem for me to write down many things from the gut, because I have a lot of experience and knowledge about the topic of the book. The structure, design, quality of the language, and the indication of third-party content through references must fit!

Then there is the topic of free publication: preferring Google Play Books as a publisher with DRM or as a download of a free e-book on your website? Or are there any other possibilities? I am evaluating this, but I am also using commercial channels such as to inform about Amazon KDP.

Update May 5, 2020

  • I started with these activities in October 2018.
  • In 2019 I was sick with a few breaks for several months.
  • Meanwhile, this hobby – and thus the creation of digital content – unfortunately, had to be interrupted shortly after I started.
  • That held me back until March 2020. As an employee, of course, you first have to be fully fit and resilient before you can take on a double burden in the form of this hobby.
  • In April 2020, I started working on my blogs again. Writing blogposts has priority over completing my first e-book because it will contain a lot of content from my blogs.

Update May 19, 2020

I booked this year’s DNX Festival. It takes place as an online event this year because of the Coronavirus situation, and the organizers advertise it as “The mega event for digital nomads, online entrepreneurs & holistic lifestyle.”

The two hosts Yara Joy (Feli Hargarten) & Sonic Blue (Marcus Meurer), are very inspiring, and their style is always refreshing. The program includes excellent contributions on the topics of online business and a location-independent working life.

I’m looking forward to what you can take there! πŸ™‚


Hey! πŸ˜€ I started this blog in 2018. Fitting to the blog, I want to describe myself as a true β€œGoogle Sheep,” incredibly addicted to travel and open-minded. I like traveling the world and creating digital content on Chrome OS, travel, and mobile work.

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