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Want to learn even more about Chrome OS and other exciting things?

No problem 😀.

There is more to find from me and, of course, other great sources on the web.

Since this list will grow a lot over time, I’ve already divided it into my content and recommended content from other people and companies.

Own Content

First, I want to recommend additional content from me: Link or, of course, reachable via the menu at the top of the blog.

I have this blog about Chrome OS in a somewhat private environment, which I also offer in German, and the same in the background of a start-up in the field of digital content creation under Chrome OS. A blog about travel and mobile working is currently in preparation. There are often references between these blogs.

A draft e-book on Chrome OS is very far along. YouTube channels and online courses are already planned and will also be listed here by me in the coming months to years. 🙂

Recommended Content

Even before I started creating content about Chrome OS, there were a few blogs and YouTube channels about it. A few have been added over time.

Well-known online magazines are also now reporting more and more news about Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

You can find a list here: Link or of course via the menu at the top of the blog.

Do you miss a great source in the list? Then always give it to us in the comments or via the mail under contact. 😉

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